Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Think I'm an Elf!!!

Hey, this is one of my favorite posts yet! The other day I found a book in the library on "folk toys". In that book I found a pattern for those old acrobat know the ones where you squeeze the posts and the acrobat does all kinds of flips and spins? Well anyway, as a carver I am always looking for ideas. I took the pattern from that book and used it to carve an acrobat toy instead. The original pattern called for cutting out the pieces from 1/4 in. plywood, so it would be only one dimensional. That is no fun!!! Here are the photos of my finished product. You can also watch a demonstration of it on the cool video I put here.

The point is, that carving makes life more interesting. It took an already awesome toy, and made it stupendous! You can find ideas like this everywhere if you are always looking for a way to let you carving create joy for you!
So, your saying, why the elf title? Well...... this if the first time I have tried making a toy! After the joy it brought me, I think I know how Santa's elves feel. I also wonder how many tissues they go through watching their toys leave home on Christmas Eve.


  1. I like this project reminds me of stuff oldtimers made when i was a kid...