Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hard Day on the Links

Well, here is my newest creation. I have been trying to take my golf ball carving to the next level, and I don't mind saying, I am pleased with this one. I started off with the idea of a golf ball after a long hard day on the golf course. As you may know, golf is not as relaxing as people claim, and it is even less so for the golf ball. Ever lost a ball and just couldn't find it? Know why? It is hiding!!!! Maybe after seeing this guy you will understand why.

I made the blanket and pillow from material in my wife's sewing kit. The head board and foot board were made from an old peice of mahogany hand rail I had. I simply cut off a slice (like a peice of bread) and presto! The hands and ice bag were made with self hardening clay which I purchased at a local craft store. I used a packing peanut to give the appearance of shape under the blankets. Then, since a peice of cloth that size will not lay down on its own, I used a bit of epoxy and "locktite" superglue to hold it in place and give it natural draped look. One interesting thing I learned from this project was that packing peanuts and super glue don't mix. The glue literaly dissolved the peanut. I don't know which chemicals caused this, but beware. Thanks for looking. There are more photos at the Picasa web gallery.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Little Help Here!!!

This little guy is in real trouble! Have you ever lost a golf ball in the water? I have, more times than I care to remember. Anyway. I thought I would take my traditional golf ball carving and make it more interesting. I used a peice of old styrofoam and covered it is self-stick green felt to look like the grass. Next I carved out an indentation in the base for the ball to sit down in. Then I used some 5 minute epoxy gel and mixed it with some blue acrylic paint for the water. The gel version of the epoxy is a little thicker which let me give the appearance of ripples. Hope you like it.