Friday, January 23, 2009

Afternoon Project

This little guy looks like he might be in need of a stimulus package! I whittled this little guy with nothing but an Xacto knife. He is made of 1 in thick by 2 1/2 in tall piece of pine. Yep, he is a real little guy. Whittling like this can be a lot of fun. On the videos in the bar to the right of the page you can see him before I painted him. This type of carving exercise can be a lot of fun. People really seem to like miniature carving. CAUTION!!!!!! As with all carving, and especially miniature carving be very careful to wear protective gloves. The most important thing to do is never forget the path the knife is travelling. If your finger is in that path, then it is in danger. Just be careful, and have fun!

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