Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well, I finally attempted my first sale on an online site. Actually two of them. I posted on Ebay and on Etsy. Neither has garnered anything worth mentioning. I haven't had a bid on Ebay, and no activity on Etsy. I think it is going to take some time. Here is an idea I had that I'll see if it works out. I have made some sales in the private sector. Each time I sell a piece, I include a card with my Etsy site, my blog address, and email. That way I am hoping to direct traffic to my site and hopefully generate sales. I have also utilized my local post office bulletin board to post an advertisement for my site. These don't cost me anything extra, so it can't hurt. Time will tell if they are worthwhile efforts. One thing I have learned so far about online selling. "If you post it, they still might not come!"

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  1. Good morning Preacher.
    It's always good to advertise your blog and website in local newspaper, the cost is minimal and for me it worked, I did a lots of pre-Christmas show and gave lots of business cards. I mind you, I specialse in walking stick and canes....it is a little diferrent...I do other stuff and it seems like they sell well.
    This is after a couple of years of pushing and I also take my products to souvenir shops here in Québec city...it does help to spread my canes and sticks all over the world. I always make sure a business card is attached to the product...I have seen a few shops take them off, they want to be exclusive in the tourist market? it makes no sense a couple from Japan, China or Norway won't be back soon...
    By the way I like your blog and I will make a point to visit often.
    God Bless