Saturday, November 29, 2008

Are You A Woodcarver?

When I first began to try my hand at woodcarving, I have to admit, I was hooked. Over the past couple of years however, I have begun to see a change in how I view myself. I remember showing one of my carvings to a new aquaintence and having them reply, "I didn't know you were a woodcarver!". The truth is, I didn't know it myself. Then I started asking myself if I was a "woodcarver" or just somebody who piddles around with wood as a hobby. Was there a difference? I mean, I had never put "woodcarver" on any of my job resumes! Just what is a woodcarver? When would I be one, and would I know it if I was? I have since come up with my own opinion about what a woodcarver is. Here goes.

I believe that a woodcarver is someone with a love of wood, and creating things with their hands. This person does not carve simply from boredom, or the need to have a cheap gift. They carve because they love it. They think about it all the time. They are always on the lookout for ideas. They strive to better themselves. They love a challenge and given enough time will never back away from a carving challenge that is outside of their comfort zone. They share a love for all types of carvings, whether caricature, stick, whittling, chip, etc.... They love it all. They may do it for a living, or to enhance their life. Most importantly I believe that a woodcarver will have a love for each piece they create. Whether they carve it for a gift, or sale, or just to have it, they will develop an attachment to it that will make parting with it difficult. This love affair with carving will be carried with them for the rest of their life.

Are you a woodcarver?

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